Take a step back to the 1920s in one of our classic fedora hats. Fedoras are often associated with classic gangster styles of the 20s and with rock stars of today. Michael Jackson is often pictured wearing his trademark headgear. The fedora style is worn predominantly by men, but some women have used it to accessorize their own suited looks. If you are attending a prohibition theme party or want to spend Halloween as a hardened 20s criminal, a fedora is the right accessory for the job!

Fedora - Deluxe Red Felt Fedora

Deluxe Red Felt Fedora

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Fedora - Deluxe  Fedora Yellow

Deluxe Fedora Yellow

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Fedora - Deluxe Purple Felt Fedora

Deluxe Purple Felt Fedora

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Fedoras are often made in black, white, or pinstripe patterns. The classic design shows up in many twenties depictions of gangsters. You would be amiss not to include such an iconic 20s hat with your gangster costume accessories. The classic fedora features a brim and ribbon band, but there are variations of the theme. A feather hat can make a great hip hop accessory or Godfather style headpiece. Pair your fedora to iconic Michael Jackson accessories like a sequined glove or blazer to match the King of Pop's unique style.

This classic gangster hat has been adopted by popular musicians, so you can use it for all sorts of costume options. Create a 20s vibe with a pinstripe felt hat