Wizard of Oz

Follow the yellow brick road to super savings on wonderful Wizard of Oz costume accessories and makeup items. The Wizard of Oz books have sparked the creation of movies, musicals, and entirely new books. If you are a fan of any of these popular shows, a Dorothy or Wicked Witch outfit will make for a perfect fit. The Wizard of Oz original movie adaptation starring Judy Garland came out in 1939 and has inspired works such as The Wiz, Wicked, and Oz the Great and Powerful.

Wizard of Oz - Dorothy Wizard of Oz Adult Wig

Dorothy Wizard of Oz Adult Wig

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Wizard of Oz - Ruby Red Glitter Shoes Adult

Ruby Red Glitter Shoes Adult

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Judy Garland's Dorothy is one of the most popular movie costumes for women. You can't complete your cute blue ensemble without ruby slippers, a picnic basket handbag, and Toto too! Red sequin or glitter shoes are going to make the biggest impact on your overall look, but a blue headband or hair ribbons can also add some flair to your outfit. Dorothy isn't the only loveable character from The Wizard of Oz. Thanks to retellings like the musical Wicked, the witch, Elphaba, has become another popular Halloween option. Create a witch outfit with a black dress, witch hat, and green face paint. Other characters from The Wizard of Oz include the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man. The wizard gives these characters accessories like the Tinman's heart, lion's badge of courage, and the Scarecrow's diploma. Add other fun movie props like an axe or broom to your ensemble to complete your look.

Live out the adventures of Dorothy and her friends with the perfect Wizard of Oz accessories and makeup items.