Every girl deserves to feel like a princess and our selection of tiaras and wands can help you do just that. Create a magical princess or fairy outfit with a royal scepter or magic wand. It is easy to create your own princess look with a fancy dress and a royal wand. Add to a Disney gown with a ribbon wand or a princess tiara. We carry all sorts of Disney princess wands and crowns from princesses like Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White.

Tiaras/Wands - Black Feathered Tiara Adult

Black Feathered Tiara Adult

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Tiaras/Wands - Pink Princess Scepter

Pink Princess Scepter

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Tiaras/Wands - Women's Feathered Tiara Pink

Women's Feathered Tiara Pink

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Tiaras/Wands - Child Fuchsia Gemstone Wand

Child Fuchsia Gemstone Wand

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Tiaras/Wands - Royal King's Crown Adult

Royal King's Crown Adult

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Tiaras/Wands - Hermione Wand Harry Potter

Hermione Wand Harry Potter

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Tiaras/Wands - Rhinestone and Silver Tiara

Rhinestone and Silver Tiara

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Some characters like Tinkerbell are both princesses and fairies, so you can add a pair of wings to your ensemble. To create a fairy outfit, simply add wings and a magic wand to your dress. Fairy wings paired with other accessories can make a gorgeous addition to your look. Girls look especially adorable in a fairy princess costume.

Hair clips, flower jewelry, and glitter can help improve upon this effect.Lots of little girls dream of becoming a beautiful princess when they grow up. You can encourage your child's imagination or indulge in your own fantasies with these regal accessories. Make your dreams come true and look as pretty as a princess this Halloween with one of our gorgeous tiaras or magic wands.