St. Patrick's Day

Get in touch with your inner Irishman with some of our fun St. Patrick's Day accessories and props. A few green accessories can add a little something extra to St. Patty's Day costumes or your everyday outfit. St. Patrick's Day originated in Ireland but is now celebrated in countries all around the world. There are festivals held that feature social drinking, dancing, and other fun traditions.

St. Patrick's Day - Pirate Gold Coins

Pirate Gold Coins

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St. Patrick's Day - St. Patrick's Day Braided Headband

St. Patrick's Day Braided Headband

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St. Patrick's Day - Leprechaun Girl Child Costume

Leprechaun Girl Child Costume

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The leprechaun has become the unofficial mascot of the holiday, so grab a few props that will have you looking like one of these magical beings. A green derby hat, bow tie, or bead and wig set can help you create a fantastic leprechaun costume. Even if you don't want a full-fledged beard and pot of gold, you can still add a few green accessories to your outfit for a St. Patrick's Day style.

Drinking beer and other alcohol is often a part of the festivities. We have tons of drinking costume accessories for adult parties and outfits. A beer stein handbag or tavern wench dress can create a fun adult ensemble. Other women's St. Patrick's Day accessories include flashy green eyelashes and beaded necklaces.

Celebrate Ireland with green accessories on St. Patrick's Day for a costume that screams 'Kiss me, I'm Irish!"