Dress up from head to toe this Halloween with our fine selection of men's shoes. The right footwear can make all the difference in your men's costume. Each genre design calls for its own special style of shoe, so make sure you get the complete look for your outfit. Consider the time period and character you want to dress as when selecting the proper foot gear. Styles change throughout the years, and with them so do shoe designs. An ancient soldier might look good with Roman sandals, colonial settlers can wear black buckled shoes, and you are sure to look dandy in a pair of 20s spats. If you move forward in history, you can find 70s platform shoes and hip hop sneakers.

Shoes-Men - Zebra Men's Platform Shoes

Zebra Men's Platform Shoes

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Shoes-Men - Adult Red and Green Elf Shoes

Adult Red and Green Elf Shoes

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Shoes-Men - Adult Spiderman Movie Boot Covers

Adult Spiderman Movie Boot Covers

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Shoes-Men - Adult Green Elf Shoes

Adult Green Elf Shoes

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Some men's shoes aren't staples in the everyday closet. If dress shoes won't do the trick, take a look at some of these more exotic shoes for those special occasions. Vinyl foot slippers are a great item to complete your hobbit or caveman outfit. Moccasins or strapped sandals are a great choice for Indian or woodsman ensembles. You can go really bizarre with elf shoes or genie shoes that feature a curled toe, or you can fight crime with superhero boot covers.

No matter what men's costume you choose for Halloween, there is sure to be a perfect shoe design to go with it.