Set sail for action and adventure with the perfect pirate costume accessories. Liven up your scalawag outfit with props like toy weapons, boots, and other miscellaneous booty. The pirates we dress up as for Halloween sailed the seas in search of plunder and treasure. Shows like Pirates of the Caribbean and Jake and the Never Land Pirates are great sources of inspiration for your salty ensembles. Look to the hair, makeup, and accessories these masters of sea and sword apply and try to match your own look to theirs. Get your own treasure in the form of fabulous pirate accessories and party supplies.

Pirates aren't known to have the best hygiene, so a swarthy look is a fun way to dress up. Add fake beards and wigs to create a rugged look. Makeup kits for pirates can help you draw on scars and bruises indicative of a brawl or sword fight.

Ladies can be pirates too! Although many sailors believed it was bad luck to have a woman on board their ships, the times have changed and now it is tons of fun to dress up in a women's pirate costume. The Jolly Roger is a symbol for pirates, so skull accessories are a great addition to your outfit. Add skull and crossbones necklaces, bracelets, and rings to your wench dress create an exciting look.

Become a fearsome sailor of the seas with pirate costume accessories and makeup!