Add some badboy class to your Halloween costume with one of our pimp accessories. The old adage goes, "Pimpin' ain't easy," but it can be with the right props. If you want to look like a big spender at your next theme party, our selection of bling and big daddy items are sure to do the trick. When most people picture a pimp, three features stand out: a pimp can, fancy hat, and major bling.

Pimp - PLAY MONEY -$100.00

PLAY MONEY -$100.00

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Pimp - Gold & Clear Money Glasses

Gold & Clear Money Glasses

Our Price: $4.99
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The pimp cane prop is a must-have gangster accessory. Many of our big spender canes feature a gold or animal print shaft with a large crystal or elaborate handle on top. These hip canes are collapsible for easy transport to and from your party. The next thing you'll need is a pimp hat. The classic 1970s pimp fashion features a wide brimmed hat with zebra stripes or leopard print. If you can match your zany headpiece to a suit jacket, you're on the right track to big spender status! Last but certainly not least, comes the pimp jewelry. Thick gold chains, dollar sign necklaces. and dollar glasses can make you look like someone who knows how to spend their money like a pimp. Add a rapper clock necklace to your look for a fun hip hop vibe.

You don't have to be a big spender to look like one this Halloween. Find the right pimp costume accessories to create your ideal look!