New for 2014

There's no reason to bog down your brand new Halloween costume with tired, old accessories. Our new for 2014 accessories include props that kids and adults need to complete the ultimate Halloween look. No matter the genre, this selection of new accessories is sure to have something to fit your needs. The great thing about new items is that no one else is likely to have seen them before. There are few things more embarrassing than showing up to a party with the exact same ensemble as one of your friends. Avoid the embarrassment or simply find props to match the newest trend with accessories that are new for 2014.

To choose your new items, first start with your genre. Horror, humor, and sexy costume accessories are all quite different, so it's important to pick one that fits your style. For adventurous outfits, choose toy weapons like a bow and arrow set, guns, or swords. Fun decade styles can be paired with 80s leggings, 60s hippie glasses, or 20s flapper headbands. Some of our new accessories span the ages and can be used for any outfit. Look for fake eyelashes in bright colors to add a splash of intrigue to any sexy costume.

Keep ahead of the trends this Halloween with new Halloween accessories for 2014!