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Halloween costumes are all about becoming a different person, so you might as well go all out. Makeup kits and face paint are a great way to get into character. Professional makeup artists can create a whole new person with the right application of prosthetics and makeup. You don't have all the training of the professionals, so we've taken the guess work out of creating a character look with our pre-assembled makeup kits.

Makeup Kits - Theatrical Effects Ez Scar Kit

Theatrical Effects Ez Scar Kit

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Makeup Kits - Clam Pack - 6 Color Face Paint

Clam Pack - 6 Color Face Paint

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Our character makeup kits contain the colors and tones you need to create a unique character. An Avatar makeup kit will contain blue, white and black face paint while a vampire kit will contain white, black and red shades. We carry all sorts of styles from pirates to clowns that you can create easily in your own home without any cosmetics training. If you are feeling a bit uneasy about creating a look with makeup, many of the face paint kits include simple instructions and suggestions for getting your look just right.

Face paint is fairly simple, but we also carry prosthetics if you are ready for the next step. Create a horror costume with accessories like vampire bites, gashes, scars, and broken bones. You can also make a fun disguise with prosthetic noses and elf ear kits.

Become someone completely different this Halloween with a little help from our character makeup kits.