Leg Warmers

Keep warm and stylish this Halloween with a pair of leg warmers to match your women's costume. A set of fuzzy legwarmers can be a great addition to any number of outfits and gives you a touch of added sex appeal. Furry leg warmers make for great animal costume accessories. Complete your look for a cat, tiger, bear, or leopard with matching fuzzy legwarmers.

Leg Warmers - Adult Flower Skunk Legwarmers

Adult Flower Skunk Legwarmers

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Leg Warmers - Adult Rainbow Dragon Legwarmers

Adult Rainbow Dragon Legwarmers

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Leg Warmers - Warrior Fur Leg Warmers

Warrior Fur Leg Warmers

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Legwarmers were a big hit during the 1980s thanks to movies like Flashdance and Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" music video. 80s costume accessories other than neon legwarmers include armbands and lace gloves. Eighties legwarmers tend to be made of wool or spandex rather than faux fur materials, so they will give you a sleeker look.

Ravewear is typically pretty off the wall. If you are planning to dance the night away, our rave legwarmers are a great option. Our rainbow and light up leggings will add some cute flair to your dancewear. Create a cute holiday look with color leg warmers to match festive colors. Try green for St. Patrick's Day or red for Valentine's.

Tear up the dance floor or get in touch with nature this Halloween with furry legwarmers for every occasion.