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Take your look back in time with our Steampunk Jewelry for men, women, and children. Steampunk accessories feature Victorian influences from the 1800s. Many aesthetics from this sci-fi subgenre feature clockwork pieces, bronze, and Gothic designs. This style pieces together Victorian aesthetics with steam powered technology. The fashions from this genre reflect that theme. Women's looks include classic designs like cameo brooches, choker necklaces, and lace detailing. Men's designs feature leather cuffs, pocket watch designs, and clockwork pieces. Dress from head to toe in Victorian accessories that are a perfect fit for hi tech Steampunk costumes. Tall top hats with feather plumes, monocles, and other classic accessories from the Victorian era make for fun additions to your sci-fi outfit.

Jewelry - Steampunk - Studded Wristband

Studded Wristband

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Jewelry - Steampunk - Studded Choker

Studded Choker

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Jewelry - Steampunk - Deluxe Steampunk Pocket Watch

Deluxe Steampunk Pocket Watch

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Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that combines the beauty of 1800s London or Wild West America with clock work and steam powered technology. These themes mashing together creates a futuristic society set in the past for a fun mix of new and old ideals. Writers like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne are among the most famous Steampunk authors. Typically, clockwork technology gives birth to such concepts in literature as time travel, flying airships, and steam powered prosthetic limbs. Now, steampunk fashions and literature are popular looks to wear to fantasy conventions and other sci-fi festivals. Of course, these themes also work for a Halloween party or theme dress-up event!

Give your fantasy outfit a mix of old and new styles with our Steampunk jewelry options for adults and kids.