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Get in touch with an ancient and beautiful culture with our Indian jewelry accessories. Native American inspired items usually feature beads, leather, and feathers. A lot of Indian costumes feature faux leather dresses and tunics with fringe or bead details. Many tribal jewelry pieces follow a similar theme look. Basic beaded necklaces and feather earrings work great for simple Indian designs like a hunter or maiden look. For a more elaborate design, you can create a princess or chief style. A thick choker necklace in bright turquoise helps add to the effect of a princess style. You can incorporate Indian American culture into your outfit with items like a dream catcher necklace or totem pendants. Dream catchers were meant to ward off bad spirits. You can ward off a bad look when you deck out your tan dress or suit with Native American jewelry styles.

Jewelry - Indian - Native American Bracelet

Native American Bracelet

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Jewelry - Indian - Tribal Necklace and Earring Set

Tribal Necklace and Earring Set

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Jewelry - Indian - Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals

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Jewelry - Indian - Bow and Arrow Holder with Arrows

Bow and Arrow Holder with Arrows

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Jewelry - Indian - Long Indian Feather Earrings

Long Indian Feather Earrings

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Native American tribes covered all areas of the colonial United States. Each indigenous tribe has its own languages, folklore, and traditions. One of the most famous traditions includes the eagle feather headdress worn by seasoned warriors. Indian outfits can be a great fit for a fun Halloween bash or to dress up your Thanksgiving celebrations. During the first Thanksgiving, pilgrims and Indians sat down in peace to enjoy the autumn harvest. In modern times, Native American have been romanticized in films and stories like The Lone Ranger, Pocahontas, and John Wayne classics. Draw inspiration from these tales for a modern twist on Indian accessories.

Attend your next big Halloween pow wow in style with our adult and children's Native American jewelry fashions.