Jewelry - Cavemen

Take your prehistoric costume up a few notches on the evolutionary chart with the addition of our Caveman jewelry designs for men, women, and kids. Many tribal designs for cavewoman outfits feature basic materials that might have been found in the Stone Age. Fangs, beads, and feathers are popular looks for caveman accessories. Tooth bracelets, necklaces and earrings add a wild and fierce look to jungle catsuits and huntress designs. Faux leather wraps attached to fang beads can add to the primitive look. Many stone age looks feature a brown and tan color scheme, so you should pick props to fit that look.

Jewelry - Cavemen - Tooth Bracelet

Tooth Bracelet

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Jewelry - Cavemen - Tooth Necklace

Tooth Necklace

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Jewelry - Cavemen - Stone Age Style Choker

Stone Age Style Choker

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Jewelry - Cavemen - Stone Age Style Earrings

Stone Age Style Earrings

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Caveman ensembles are fun because they let you unleash your wild side. Many tribal looks feature faux leather dresses or robes with animal print and tattered hems. Your accessories and jewelry should try to fit in with the same theme look. Feathers and beaded necklaces are a great way to decorate your cavewoman style. You can even draw inspiration from fun TV shows like The Flintstones. This modern stone age family accessorized with rock theme necklaces and bracelets. Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble provide an excellent bookmark for what a sexy cavewoman outfit can look like. In addition to tooth and pebble necklaces, add a wild wig and hair accessories to your design. Add bone props to your hair to match the savage look of your jungle jewelry.

Get ready to walk the dinosaur in style when you complete your caveman costume with our adult and kids prehistoric jewelry accessories.