Dress for a Halloween of epic proportions with our Greek and Roman costume accessories. Greek and Roman culture share many fascinating similarities that can translate into awesome outfits. The Greeks worshiped a pantheon of gorgeous gods and goddesses who watched over the world from Mt. Olympus. These Greek gods often interfered with human affairs, leaving us with fascinating myths of monsters, maidens, and warriors. If you want to attend your next theme party as an elegant Greek goddess or a burly Roman soldier, these accessories will help you travel back in time.

Greek/Roman - Adult Economy Armor Chestplate

Adult Economy Armor Chestplate

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Greek goddess designs usually include a toga-inspired dress. It's up to you to add some intrigue to your outfit with gold jewelry and footwear. Gold arm cuffs and bangle bracelets are some of the most popular women's accessories for a Roman ensemble. For a more mystical touch, add a snake armband or dangling coin earrings. Gladiator sandals will complete the look .

Men in Greece and Rome tended to be warriors and scholars. Create a fierce Spartan costume with some prop weapons. A sword and shield are Roman favorites, but you can also add a spear or bows and arrows for a 300 vibe. Roman armor can also go well with your warrior outfit. for a more noble look, create a Greek scholar ensemble from gold wrist cuffs, a crown of laurels, and a scroll.

> Create a Roman costume to rival the gods themselves with a little help from our Greek accessories and makeup items.