Vampires are a classic Halloween options. Create the ultimate undead monster with the addition of our vampire costume accessories and gothic props. Vampires have captured the imagination for centuries. Characters like Dracula and other blood-suckers fill the pages of books and light up the silver screen. Vampires are portrayed as elegant creatures of the night who feast on the blood of the living. Old tales of vampires paint them as cruel and evil, but modern retellings of vampire mythos such as true Blood and Twilight paint them in a more humanistic light. If you are a fan of classic vampires, our selection of Gothic jewelry and props will make for the perfect complements to your look.

Gothic/Vampire - Black Victorian Choker

Black Victorian Choker

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Red and black jewelry is a major element to most vampire accessories. Find jewelry with a Victorian feel such as a velvet choker necklace or Gothic cross necklace. Other horror theme jewelry is always a safe bet for vampire themes. A spider, bat, or skull motif will fit nicely with most any vampire costume. A women's vampiress outfit might also go well with long silk gloves, a red cape, or fake eyelashes.

Makeup is just as important to a vampire look as the accessories. Pick up a face paint kit to create a pale face with high cheek bones. You can also add fake blood you give you a ravenous look. False eyelashes and blood red lipstick will give a women's outfit a more elegant appeal.

Become the ultimate monster with classy vampire accessories for men and women.