Gangsters are trained and organized killers with all the tools to get the job done. Get your own set of tools with our selection of gangster accessories. The 1920s were the golden age of gangsters. Sharp dressed men pulled off despicable acts in the name of creating their criminal empire. The twenties gangster was a slick businessman as much as he was a criminal. Draw inspiration from timeless gangster films like The Godfather and Scarface. Al Capone and his comrades are smooth criminals. Copy some of their swagger with the right gangster props and accessories.

Equip yourself with some dangerous props this Halloween or theme party. Gangster accessories might include toy guns, fedoras, or violin cases. For a more feminine look, try creating a convict outfit with black high heels, two-tone shoes, handcuff necklaces, or suspenders and a petticoat. A pencil skirt in place of suit pants can add a touch of authentic femininity. For an even girly-er look, add a feather boa or pearl necklaces. Men's gangster looks might include a cigar, carnation, or fake moustache. A white necktie or pinstripe fedora hat can also make for a classic 20s fashion.

Become the ultimate badboy with all the class of the roarin' twenties with our selection of criminal accessories.