Flesh and Blood

Halloween is a perfect time to show off your creative side with some over-the-top cosmetics. Our flesh and blood makeup accessories are the perfect way to add a little gore to a horror outfit or add an element of fantasy to a fictional character. There are plenty of characters and costumes that can get a bit spookier with the addition of flesh and blood props. Vampires and other monsters are classic Halloween options. A little fake blood and monster features can go a long way in getting extra scare into your look. Add a drip of blood by your mouth for a vampire or zombie outfit. Applying fake blood to your cheeks or arms can create a battered look as if you have emerged from the midst of a horror movie. For an undead look, add some gruesome prosthetics like gashes, scars, and bite marks.

Flesh and Blood - Horror Fx Kit

Horror Fx Kit

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Blood and guts aren't all there is to a good Halloween costume. Add accessories like a fake nose or ears to create a face that's not your own. You can create a wicked witch, science fiction alien, or fantasy creature with a prosthetic nose or other body parts.

Makeup can be as big a part of your costume as your clothes. Create the ultimate Halloween costume with these stunning makeup kits.