Fangs and Teeth

Get a little scary this Halloween with some spooky horror costume accessories like our fangs and teeth. Fake fangs can be a great addition to monster outfits like werewolves, vampires, and devils. Other fake teeth sets can create a fun look for miscellaneous ensembles like bunnies, animals, hip hop stars, and hillbilly looks. Vampires are a classic costume choice for Halloween. Red and black robes can be a great way to start off your vampire look, but blood and fangs are the way to complete your ensemble.

Fangs and Teeth - Vampire Fangs With Blood

Vampire Fangs With Blood

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Fangs and Teeth - Rotted Teeth

Rotted Teeth

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Vampires have been a scary part of the holiday and horror stories for decades. From Dracula to Edward, popular fiction has seen many incarnations of these elegant monsters. Vampires suck the blood of the living and can turn into bats. In some stories they have lightning fast speed and immense strength, but at the very least you can have immense style with the right vampire accessories. Other vampire accessory options aside from pointy teeth include gothic jewelry, black wigs, and high heels.

Vampires are scary and fluffy animals are cute, but either can look fantastic with the right accessories. Give in to your inner beast with a pair of spooky vampire fangs or animal teeth and whiskers.