Give out some smiles at your next Halloween or circus theme party with a funny clown costume and accessories. Clown accessories are just as important as the jester suit itself. Classic clowns have plenty of tricks up their sleeve that you can imitate with the right props. Getting your look right is step one, so pick out recognizable clothing pieces that will give you that timeless look. A red clown nose and face paint are essential in creating a silly face. Accentuate the eyes and mouth of your outfit to emphasize your smile. Jumbo clown shoes are also a good addition to traditional circus costumes. Every clown character is unique, but you can fit the theme with items like a colorful wig, suspenders, bow tie, and mini top hat.

Clown - Clown Character Makeup Kit

Clown Character Makeup Kit

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Clown - Deluxe Clown Vest

Deluxe Clown Vest

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Clown - Skin Head Wig

Skin Head Wig

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Clown - Red and White Striped Socks

Red and White Striped Socks

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Clown - Adult Clown Stocking Bows

Adult Clown Stocking Bows

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Clown - Funny Mini Clown Umbrella

Funny Mini Clown Umbrella

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Clown - Red Suspenders

Red Suspenders

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Clown - Mardi Gras Jester Goblet

Mardi Gras Jester Goblet

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Magic tricks and clowns often go hand in hand. Pick up clown props like squirting flowers, seltzer bottles, scarves, and rubber chickens. A humor costume accessory can give your clown outfit that extra funny touch it needs. For some extra pizzazz, teach yourself a basic magic trick before your party to impress your friends.

Harlequin jesters are a bit different than classic clown outfits. For a Renaissance clown design, add clown makeup and accessories in white, black and red.

Your party guests will bust out laughing at the sigh of your hilarious clown costume accessories.