Get your Halloween costume into gear with the perfect pair of boots for your outfit. There are tons of different genres that require fancy footwear. Complete your look for a superhero, diva, or rock star look with spectacular boots and high heels. Action heroes can frequently be seen wearing boots. Spruce up your pirate or warrior look with buckled boot covers or leather boots. Pirate boots will usually feature a folded cuff and straps.

For a women's costume shoe, try go go boots for a disco 70s costume or red heels to match a devil or diva ensemble. Nearly every outfit you can think of needs a good pair of shoes. For some looks, shoes can make the outfit.

Create the perfect look with boots that match your character. Glitter or sequin boots are perfect for a rock star while flirty high heels are a fun addition to a sexy women's costume. Men's outfits can get ramped up with a kickin' pair of boots. Pirates and superheroes' shoes go through a lot of abuse, so make sure you pick footwear that can handle a lot of wear and year.

Boot covers are a great way to turn your existing shoes into part of your costume while a real pair of boots will last throughout the years and can be added to new ensembles. Pick the costume boots that will make your accessories shine!