Add a touch of fluff to your Halloween costume with one of our feather boas. Boas are a wonderful accessory for a sexy Halloween outfit and are easy to match to other props. Most boas come in feminine colors like red and pink so they can be matched to women's and girl's designs. Boas for girls are fun to add to any outfit and can be paired with tons of styles. Fashion boas look great for a princess, diva, rock star, or flapper girl.

Women's boas are the perfect accessory to make your sexy costume even better. Add a boa to a saloon gal dress, movie star gown, or any sexy design for women. A boa creates a glamorous look out of any outfit, but you can also think out of the box to create something unique. Mimic a bird of paradise with a flaming or toucan outfit or create a sultry black cat suit with the addition of a black boa.

It is easy to match a colorful feathered boa to other accessories as well as your clothing. Pick props and accessories that fit with a sexy theme like high heels, microphones and fake eyelashes. For some extra fun, find feather eyelashes to match your boa.

A fancy boa can add some sass and fashion to your women's costume. Find the perfect feather boa for a fab look!