Beard & Moustache

Having trouble growing your own facial hair in time for Halloween or the next theme party? Our fake beards and moustache sets are the perfect way to get that rugged look just in time for your event. Many Halloween costumes for men feature glorious full beards or intriguing moustaches, and each look requires its own style of beards. Hippies, pirates, historic figures, and cowboys all have fantastic whiskers that now you can have too! You don't have to be old enough to grow your own facial hair to enjoy the benefits of these marvelous whisker wigs. We carry both child's beard sets and adult sizes.

Beard & Moustache - MOUSTACHE - SIX WAY GREY


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Pirates have some of the most over-the-top face fur imaginable. Some scalawags opt for a pirate goatee while others sport a full captain beard like Black Beard himself! Other men of action like police officers and cowboys can be seen with a full moustache. Look for different styles of cowboy moustaches to suit your character. A curled mustache is a great option for a bandit, while a sheriff might wear a handlebar mustache. Hippies are also a great candidate for a handlebar 'stache.

Historic figures often wore full beards. Finish off a biblical outfit with a curly beard wig. For a presidential look, shoot for mutton chops or a chinstrap beard. Take to the old west or set sail on the high seas with the perfect moustache and beard kit!