Create the purr-fect cat suit when you complete your look with our animal costume accessories. Many animals share similar characteristics which are easy to add to any outfit for a fun cat or dog look. Animal outfits are a classic Halloween option, especially for women and children. Part of the reason these furry outfits are so popular is that a few animal accessories are all you need to turn you into a party animal!

Cats are one of the most popular animal looks for Halloween. Accessorize a plain black leotard with a cat tail, whiskers, and black fingernails to create an instant kitty costume. For a more exotic ensemble, add leopard print accessories to your cat suit. Makeup options like fake eyelashes, catlike eye shadow, and a painted nose will help you achieve a more feline look. A bunny costume is just ass easy to create with animal accessories. Add a bunny tail, ear headband, and rabbit nose mask to make an animal from almost any outfit you can pull from your wardrobe. For a humorous style, look for animal masks, gloves, and oversized props. A giant carrot, for instance, will add some laughs to a rabbit suit.

Turn into a major party animal this Halloween with our animal and cats costume accessories.