Create an outfit as glorious as heaven and hell with the addition of the right angel and devil costume accessories. Angels and devils might be on opposite sides of good and evil, but that doesn't mean you can't pick one to be for Halloween. Angels are messengers of heaven who have been portrayed in many different ways. Some angels are sweet cherubs while others are fierce warriors of good. Angel accessories are essential for completing your heavenly ensemble.

Angel/Devil - Clip On Devil Horns

Clip On Devil Horns

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Angel/Devil - Sexy Black Feather Up Wings

Sexy Black Feather Up Wings

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Angel/Devil - Sexy White Feather Up Wings

Sexy White Feather Up Wings

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Look for items like a halo headband, wings, and magic wands. A harp or magic wand can add a mystical touch to your ensemble. Angel costumes are also a great choice for Christmas parties. Add some winter clothing accessories to typical angel wings and halos for a festive feel. The color of your feather wings can determine the personality of your character. A good angel usually has white wings while a fallen angel can be paired with black wings.

Devils and demons are on the opposite side of angels. Devils are typically portrayed as imps and evil-doers dressed in red. Complement a devil costume with accessories like pitchforks, horns, and pointed tails. Men might want to add fake facial hair and full red face paint to a demon outfit for a horror style.

Join the forces of good or evil this Halloween with costume accessories for angels and devils.