The 1980s were a wild time full of neon colors, pop music, and side pony tails. Create the perfect decade ensemble with an 80s costume and accessories. There were tons of cool fads in the eighties that will give you inspiration. Chia pets, Rubik's cubes, and teen movies were big hits in this decade. Draw inspiration from films like The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Back to the Future for a classic teen 80s fashion. Look to fantasy movies like Star Wars or Ghostbusters for more off-the-wall looks.

Add some eighties accessories to any outfit to get a decade themed style. For hair, add a large scrunchy tie to create a side ponytail. Try crimping your hair or adding a lace headband for a Madonna-inspired ensemble. A wig in neon colors can create a zany vibe. Try adding other neon colored props to your look for a style that really pops!

Dancing was a huge part of 80s culture. Look to pop stars like Madonna and Michael Jackson for your own musical look. Legwarmers, pointed heels, and a microphone prop can give a little glamour to your 80s accessories. Go for a hip hop style with a dreadlock wig or prop boom box.

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