The 1970s were a time for disco dancing and groovy music. Jazz up your 70s costume with fun accessories and makeup from the time period. The seventies had tons of fads that translate well into accessories. Take a look at trends like magic 8 balls, silly putty, and mood rings for some groovy inspiration. Disco costume accessories will help make your outfit have a fun and authentic look. Flashy clothes are always a good bet for a disco dancer ensemble.

Add sequined gloves and handbags to your look for a bit of flair. You can also get a glitzy appearance with the addition of gold jewelry, disco ball earrings, and other 70s theme items. Mimic the fashion of the time with an afro wig or fake moustache set. A pair of aviator glasses can help complete your 70s look. Women's ensembles can look even better with the addition of hairpieces and makeup. Get a flirty seventies look with false eyelashes and glitter makeup.

Once you have your hair and makeup in order, focus on clothing accessories. Disco add-ons like platform shoes and go go boots will give your outfit a step up.

Boogie the night away in a fabulous 70s costume with accessories.