The 1960s were a groovy time full of peace, love and rock n' roll. Get your 60s costumes accessories in order for a hippie outfit. There are lots of ways you can create a sixties ensemble, so start with a few hippie accessories. The sixties had tons of cool fads. Most fashion from the decade features tie-dye swirls, flowers, and peace signs. Other fun 60s fads include lava lamps, pop art, afros, and platform shoes. Draw inspiration from these groovy accessories for a fantastic outfit.

Hippie fashion features all sorts of fun accessories and makeup. Start your hippie threads off right with the addition of love beads, flowers, and headbands. A peace sign necklace and other beaded jewelry can be a thematic addition to any sixties costume. Round hippie sunglasses will have you seeing the world as the cool cats in the 1960s did. Pair your eyewear with 60s beads and hoop earrings for a classic look. For footwear, grab a pair of go-go boots or sandals to go with the style of the era. For clothing, try to find a fringe vest and denim.

Get the hair, shoes, and other 60s accessories you need to throw the grooviest party this Halloween!